Inspired by Passion​


At Spiral Fruits our main ingredient is innovation. We custom devolop and manufacture sweet and savoury fillings, toppings and sauces for the baking, confectionary and dairy industry.

Passion Perfect

Spiral Fruits is a Cape Town sole owner corporation with a very hands on approach in the research, development and manufacturing of our products. Our product lines are uniquely designed and manufactured in order to meet your process and applications. We prefer to interact with our clients personally to develop a product, not only to your desired taste profile, but also to enhance your efficiency.


Quality Assured

We are also very flexible and your uniquely developed recipe can change in line with your new taste profiles if so desired.

We have aligned ourselves with a base of suppliers who all have the necessary Quality System Accreditation in place and their service levels are evaluated at least once a year to ensure that our service to you is not compromised. We are constantly percolating and creating new, zesty, fresh flavours and have won a number of Accolades for our clients over the years - proof of our innovation and passion.


Established in 2004 from humble beginnings, Spiral Fruits found a niche market to service the needs of dairies and bakeries that require original and specific products. Developing and manufacturing fruit and vegetable – sweet and savoury preparations, that are uniquely designed to suit each of our client’s needs. 

 Our success in this industry has been mainly due to our dedication and unfailing commitment to our clients that ensures a service that is hard to find.  We take pride in our product and getting it to our clients in the manner which exceeds their expectations.

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