About Us

Established in 2004 from humble beginnings, Spiral Fruits found a niche market to service the needs of dairies and bakeries that require original and specific products. Developing and manufacturing fruit and vegetable – sweet and savoury preparations, that are uniquely designed to suit each of our client’s needs. Our success in this industry has been mainly due to our dedication and unfailing commitment to our clients that ensures a service that is hard to find.  We take pride in our product and getting it to our clients in the manner which exceeds their expectations.

We are currently geared up to put an approximate 150 tons of amazingness  into the market and have the necessary expertise and drive to ensure that this is executed at the highest levels.  We are HACCP accredited and our manufacturing facility is audited annually by SABS.  Most of our products are also HALAAL and KOSHER approved and great care is naturally taken during product infancy to ensure that we select only certifiable ingredients for our product lines.

We have a small hand-picked team who undergoes continuous training in GMP’s and HACCP Principles.  Each member of our team is intimately involved in the manufacturing process of our products to ensure that we put a high quality product into the market.  Our Spiral Family is happy to serve your every need.