Product Range

Our research and development team is inspired by combining ingredients such as spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables to create new innovative products to set a gutsy, out of the box trend. Even though we manufacture and supply the normal and regular flavours to the dairy and bakery industry, we consistently suggest and present our clients with different fresh ideas. This prized us with numerous quality and first prize awards over the past years.

Toppings – Fruit Toppings are freeze/thaw stable and is a perfect application for cheese cake toppings, ice cream ripple, folding into whipped cream for cake fillings and doughnut fillings. Freeze/thaw stability is a very unique combination of stabilisers used, to ensure that when removing toppings from the freezer, there will be no syneresis or separation, flavour, colour or shine loss.

Fillings – Fruit Fillings are freeze/thaw and bake stable and is a perfect application for pastry fillings such as apple pie, apple crumble tart and danish and french pastries with strawberry or blueberry filling. Freeze/thaw and bake stable is a unique formula used to ensure that fruit fillings do not boil out in the baking process and to ensure stability when thawed in the precooked and cooking stages.

Ice cream preps – Ice cream preps are designed to incorporate fruit, flavour and colour into the ice cream or sorbet formula. Syrups in this range is also perfect for mousse and desert applications.

Yogurt preps – Yogurt preps is a range of different fruit and vegetable or flavoured syrup preparations for yogurt makers. This product is used to enhance and simplify the production of fruit/flavoured yogurts. Different dosages for different applications and demands, determines the wide range of product available.

Vegetable and Herb Preps – Vegetable and herb preps form part of our creative inspiration and is growing to be one of our largest ranges. These are for the application of cottage cheese, cream cheese, dairy dips and even mascarponi and philadelphia desserts. We aspire to only use real fruit, vegetables, spices and herbs to keep it natural and healthy.